Exclamation Points!

This topic is quite prevalent in the conversations among my friends and me.  You are probably thinking, wow you and your friends should read a blog so you have something more interesting to talk about.  Well I am about to write about punctuation marks on this blog, so problem solved.

There are several schools of thought regarding exclamation points.  The most popular are the following:

A) Exclamation points are an expression of anger

2) Exclamation points are an expression of excitement

D) I don’t know what a period is

Here are some typical examples you can try saying aloud on your own time:

“Clear out the dishwasher” vs. “Clear out the dishwasher!”

(At some point this week vs. Nagging)

“Let’s go to the store” vs. “Let’s go to the store!”

(I need Preparation H vs. Beer me)

“I have to pee” vs. “I have to pee!”

(I’m bored vs. Pull over or hand me that Bojangles cup)

What can be confusing is if you are like me and use exclamation points to end every sentence.  To me it just makes life so much more exciting and adds a positive spin on even the most mundane activities:

Exhibit A:

P: “What are you doing?”

H: “Making the bed!” (see, now he wants to help)

Exhibit B:

T: “Can we meet at the mall after work?”

H: “Yes!  I need new makeup!  And a new bathing suit!” (what’s more fun than spending money?)

The First Post

Welcome to Hilgs’ House!

Here is where I will tell you about things I find interesting, things upon which I ponder and things that have happened during my day.  I am young lady who is newly married to a very nice young man.  Together we have a home, but this blog is mainly about the Hilgs point of view, as opposed to the Pritch point of view…which you might get from time to time if you’re lucky!

I am not a housewife.  I rent a duplex with my husband and go to work at an office Monday through Friday.

(Hilgs and Pritch are abbreviated words derived from the last names found on our respective birth certificates.)