The Worst Advice For Moms (or anyone for that matter)

I only have 3 months of motherhood experience. But with the additional 9 months of being pregnant, I have a full year’s worth of experience of being a punching bag for advice-givers. I can take it! In fact, I welcome a lot of advice. One of the benefits of being a ClubMom member is unlimited access to parenting tips. But there is one piece of advice that should never be offered, even if you’ve “been there”. It’s just two words. Don’t worry. Telling someone not to worry is not…

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Animal Alphabet Band Inspired Nursery

Rabbit Rabbit 🙂 Happy June! It’s baby girl Pritchett’s birth month! We are so excited as we prepare for her arrival. I thought I’d go ahead and give you a tour of the nursery and how it came to be before she comes home. When we moved in, this room was designated as “my” room where I could keep all of my treasures, out-of-season clothes, and craft supplies (basically, the things all girls “need” but don’t want to give up after moving in with a boy). We also put…

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home office

Sunny Office Space

Within the past couple of months, we’ve done some rearranging of rooms in the house. Mainly due to our impending family expansion (baby on the way!), but also because, like with any project, one thing leads to another. Our home office is now in our sun room, which was previously underutilized. The guest room was moved into the old office and the nursery is now in the old guest room! The home office transformation was the most significant (and challenging) renovation. The project started because the sun…

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Tour the Garden this Spring!

What are the major indicators that spring has arrived in Raleigh? Dogwoods in bloom, downtown festivals, and of course yellow-covered cars! But the true kick-off of Oak City spring is Service Raleigh, which happened in late March.  Our neighborhood’s Wedge Community Garden has been a major part of Service Raleigh annually. This year, Service Raleigh was on an unseasonably cold yet delightfully sunny Saturday morning! Members from all over the Hillsborough Street area came to the garden to help gear it up for spring. Ace Hardware worked to…

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Outdoor Space Renovation

You may recall that one of my core values is outdoor seating. This definitely came into play when we were house hunting back in 2012 and also when it came time to prioritize house projects.  Since closing on our dream home-to-be two years ago, we’ve dedicated a lot of time, elbow grease, sweat, and dirt (lots of dirt) to making over the backyard.  And now it’s finally at a point where we can just live and enjoy our outdoor space! No more rotting  wood, “Descend at…

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