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8 Places Raleigh Needs That Don’t Revolve Around Alcohol

We are in the midst of an urban evolution here in North Carolina’s capitol. There have been several tweets and sound bites about places closing in downtown. Sure, I’m sad to see a few of them go, but I’m excited to see what’s coming. In Raleigh’s case, change means growth and growth requires change. Will 2016 finally be the year that a grocery store comes to downtown? Will it mark the Fall of the Bottle Shop Empire? I love a good craft brew as much as the next guy, but for…

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Find a Changing Table in Raleigh

Six months into motherhood and I’ve met a fair set of public-facing challenges so far. I know there will be many more to come (toddler meltdowns, anyone?). But there is one that is particularly burdensome to me and that is the lack of changing tables that are available when Callida and I are out and about. How is it that restaurants provide high chairs for our little ones, but no changing tables in the restroom? I don’t really see the logic there. Sure, I change her before…

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Tour the Garden this Spring!

What are the major indicators that spring has arrived in Raleigh? Dogwoods in bloom, downtown festivals, and of course yellow-covered cars! But the true kick-off of Oak City spring is Service Raleigh, which happened in late March.  Our neighborhood’s Wedge Community Garden has been a major part of Service Raleigh annually. This year, Service Raleigh was on an unseasonably cold yet delightfully sunny Saturday morning! Members from all over the Hillsborough Street area came to the garden to help gear it up for spring. Ace Hardware worked to…

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3 Apps Every Raleighite Needs

The City of Oaks is synonymous with the City of Tech! Raleigh is known to be a hotbed of both small start-ups and well-established  technology companies. Plus, we Raleighites encourage each other to push the technological envelope through events like CityCamp NC and NC DataPalooza hosted right in downtown. So it should come as no surprise that the local app market is quite bustling! Here are my top picks for favorite Raleigh-made apps: 1. RaleighHistoric You don’t need to be a seasoned historian to become an…

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How does your community garden grow?

There’s a little slice of Raleigh that produces fresh food, educates people about healthy living, and offers opportunities for all community members. It’s a place that has been built solely by the community. The cost to maintain it is volunteer sweat and the donations from generous contributors. Well, I should really call it a little “wedge” instead of slice because I’m talking about the Wedge Community Garden, right in the heart of Raleigh! Can you believe that urban community gardening has been around since the 1890s? So it’s definitely…

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