Super Pumped About This

Here’s the before and after of my latest kitchen remodel:

Pump Supplies Clean kitchen

After 10 months being back at work (subsequent to 9 weeks of maternity leave) and more than a thousand pumping sessions at my desk, on my living room floor, in the car, bathrooms, conference rooms, UNLOCKED conference rooms, closets at 4am… 11am… 3pm… 10pm…

Between low supply scares and building up a freezer stash…

I am officially DONE with the pump for Callida!

It was the biggest inconvenience, disruption, annoyance, and challenge of my life.

So why even go through all of that, you might ask?

Because beyond the struggle, it was the biggest pleasure to do for my daughter! I love my career and my family. I had the ability and desire to produce breast milk so I did it. And I’m happy I did.

To all moms who are just trying to feed your baby, keep it up. It is not as simple as it seems, is it? Own  your decisions. Be proud. You are doing a great job.

Find a Changing Table in Raleigh

Six months into motherhood and I’ve met a fair set of public-facing challenges so far. I know there will be many more to come (toddler meltdowns, anyone?). But there is one that is particularly burdensome to me and that is the lack of changing tables that are available when Callida and I are out and about.

How is it that restaurants provide high chairs for our little ones, but no changing tables in the restroom? I don’t really see the logic there. Sure, I change her before we go out and hope that everything stays put while on our excursion, but let’s be honest: babies are unpredictable. I’ve heard of stories when moms had to change babies on their legs or on the floor. That’s not sanitary or fun for anyone involved. A clean, convenient changing table is needed. They are $200 on Amazon.

That’s why I created a Google map of changing facilities in Raleigh! Y’all know I love maps (remember my Breaking Bad map?) and I also love knowing where the nearest bathroom is.  It’s open to the public so anyone can go in and add a place to it using a key of varying changing table availability. Click here to check it out!

Unfortunately, the map is not super mobile-friendly but knowing Google, that will change soon enough! But for now, it is best to use this map on your desktop.

Instructions on how to use this map:

  1. Search for the place of business on this map.
  2. A green pin will appear on the map marking the location. Click “Add to Map”.step1
  3. The business will show up in the bottom of the list on the right. Click the paint bucket and select a color and shape based on the availability of changing area the business has!step2 step3
  4. Optional – Edit the business to add a description of the changing table and click save. step5
  5. And voila! The more people that contribute to the map, the more moms and dads it will help!

[MAP] Find a Changing Table in Raleigh

  • PURPLE STAR: Changing table available in women’s and men’s room or family bathrooms
  • PINK: Changing table available in women’s room
  • ORANGE: No table but some sort of changing area available
  • RED: No changing area