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Animal Alphabet Band Inspired Nursery

Rabbit Rabbit ūüôā Happy June! It’s baby girl Pritchett’s birth month!¬†We are so excited as we¬†prepare for her arrival. I thought I’d go ahead and give you a tour of¬†the nursery and how it came to be before she comes home. When we moved in, this room was designated as “my” room where I could keep all of my treasures, out-of-season clothes, and craft supplies (basically, the things all girls “need”¬†but don’t want to give up after moving in with a boy). We also put…

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home office

Sunny Office Space

Within the past couple of months, we’ve done some rearranging of rooms in the house. Mainly¬†due to our impending family expansion (baby on the way!), but also because, like with any project, one thing leads to another. Our home office is now in our sun room, which was previously underutilized. The guest room was moved into the old office and the nursery is now in the old guest room! The home office transformation was the most significant (and challenging)¬†renovation. The project started because the sun…

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Outdoor Space Renovation

You may recall that one of my core values is outdoor seating.¬†This definitely came into play when we were house hunting back in 2012 and also when it came time to prioritize house projects. ¬†Since closing on our dream home-to-be two years ago, we’ve dedicated a lot of time, elbow grease, sweat, and dirt (lots of dirt) to making over the backyard. ¬†And now it’s finally at a point where we can just live and enjoy our outdoor space! No more rotting ¬†wood, “Descend at…

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Patio in a Day

A couple of months ago, I posted here about building our first patio. I said that I couldn’t wait to complete our second patio in the next couple of weeks. Ha. Fast forward 3 months and here we are with a new patio! Not just a walkway like the last one, but a real 160 square foot patio that we can use to enjoy the beautiful North Carolina summers (and falls and winters and springs ūüôā )! I figured this patio¬†would not be that difficult…

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Stone Patio Step 9

Installing Our (First) Patio

This past weekend we were so incredibly lucky to have two consecutive days of perfect patio-building weather. As you know, it has been hit or miss with NC weather this winter. Mainly misses. Today it is back to a winter advisory alert! Why does it always seem I preface home improvement blog posts with a weather report? When the weather is just right, January, February, and March lend the perfect timing for outdoor improvements because I want to be able to enjoy the space come…

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