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Read here quips about my life outside of my house, and outside of Raleigh!

The Trouble with Treasure Boxes

Let me know if this sounds familiar: Step 1: Graduate from college. Step 2: Move into your parents house for a couple months while you look for a job. (But totally don’t need to come home for dinner every night if you don’t want to because you’re an adult now. (But do anyway because you’re broke.)) Step 3: Ah! Finally. Get a good job. Move into your own apartment. Adulting commences. Step 4: Get married, buy a house, have kids… Step 5: Parents decide they…

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Super Pumped About This

Here’s the before and after of my latest kitchen remodel: After 10 months being back at work (subsequent to 9 weeks of maternity leave) and more than a thousand pumping sessions at my desk, on my living room floor, in the car, bathrooms, conference rooms, UNLOCKED conference rooms, closets at 4am… 11am… 3pm… 10pm… Between low supply scares and building up a freezer stash… I am officially DONE with the pump for Callida! It was the biggest inconvenience, disruption, annoyance, and challenge of my life.…

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Less Stuff, More Presence for 2016

My infrequency of blogging may make it hard to believe, but I actually love to journal! In fact, I maintain three pen and paper journals. Each night, before I go to sleep, I write down what happened that day. I like writing in my journals because it’s fun to keep record of simple day-to-day activities. Even more than that, journaling helps me to take stock in everything I have in my life. When I look back at entries from 2015, rarely do I find details about the Amazon Prime package that…

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From Raleigh To Philly With Love

Last weekend, I visited the city of Philadelphia for the first time! Prior to this trip, my only experience with Philly had been peering out the window of the sketchy Chinatown Bus on the way to New York City in 2006. Needless to say, I was a little skeptical about what this city would have to offer. It only took an extra thirty-six hours, but I’m now a Philadelphia-phile! Ben and I made our way up to Philly to spend quality time with friends (Julie, Rob & their pup, Sadie – see more…

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Christmas in July, A Raleigh Retrospective

During the festive Jane’s Walk weekend, I met the owner of one of the buildings featured on my walking tour. We became instant friends and chatted throughout the subsequent tour lead by Mitchell Silver. For weeks after Jane’s Walk, we exchanged emails. He has family ties dating back to before Raleigh’s founding so my quarter century of North Carolinahood seems infantile in comparison. Nevertheless, our email chain contained a treasure trove of Raleigh history as we traded anecdotes and expressed a shared affinity for our city. Our correspondence proves that it doesn’t necessarily matter…

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