About Quailford

The Dog

Quailford is a German Shepherd mix that my husband and I adopted from the Wake County SPCA in July 2011 when he was just about a year old.  He is an awesome dog that enjoys eating tissues (among other inanimate objects), chasing squirrels, spooning, being Instagrammed, and grinning.

Where did the name come from? When we were in high school, Ben would often doodle during class (and still get straight As). He drew a man with a top hat wearing suspenders and pin-striped pants holding a cane. I named this character Mr. Quailford. Fast forward about 8 years and we met the canine form of this doodle and passed the name on to our pup. Not Crawford, not Willford, not Clifford. Quailford! “Quail” like the bird. “Ford” like the car.

The three of us live in a modest 1940 bungalow in Raleigh’s Cameron Park neighborhood. Our choice to live close to downtown in a home that, let’s face it, needs a lot of TLC has kept us very busy!

The Blog

This blog, also named Quailford, is a respite for me where I can share the results of our house projects as well as journal my thoughts and experiences about our quasi-urban lifestyle.


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