About Me


Lauren Pritchett

Hi! My name is Lauren Pritchett and I live in North Carolina’s beautiful capital city. For most of my life, Raleigh has been close to my heart. I grew up in Cary and was fascinated by brands, fashion, celebrities, and pretty much anything else that you could spend money on! That is probably what inspired me to make my career in marketing. When I wasn’t clipping magazines and making vision boards (prior to the Pinterest era), I spent my after-school time in marching band where I met my husband, Ben!

Ben and Me February 2003
Ben and me at the marching band banquet in February 2003

We both attended NC State University, where I immediately became obsessed with my sorority, Delta Gamma. After I graduated, I made a brief 3-month appearance in NYC, which was fun.

Lauren Washington Square Park 2009
Washington Square Park the summer of 2009

Growing up with a big brother who was fascinated by maps and North Carolina’s history, I eventually inherited these passions when I found myself settled in Raleigh. During the summer of 1998 (or was it 1997?), at big brother’s suggestion, my mom took us on a road trip across the state to photograph county courthouses. I was just in it for the very rare fast food lunch stop (anyone remember Hardee’s Chicken Stars?), but now I’m so grateful that my mom indulged my brother’s appetite to learn. Though I still love flipping through fashion magazines, I find my vision boards consist more content from the NC Archives than Harper’s Bazaar!

Kevin and Me November 2013
My brother, Kevin and me in November 2013

My other hobbies (aside from loving on Raleigh) include participating in a monthly book club, practicing yoga at Blue Lotus, spending time with my sisters in the Delta Gamma Alumnae Association, tasting wine (and of course NC craft brews!), riding my Public bike around town, drinking champs at nail parties (what can I say, I’m a lush!), exploring my random curiosities, hanging out with my family, and blogging about it all.