Super Pumped About This

Here’s the before and after of my latest kitchen remodel:

Pump Supplies Clean kitchen

After 10 months being back at work (subsequent to 9 weeks of maternity leave) and more than a thousand pumping sessions at my desk, on my living room floor, in the car, bathrooms, conference rooms, UNLOCKED conference rooms, closets at 4am… 11am… 3pm… 10pm…

Between low supply scares and building up a freezer stash…

I am officially DONE with the pump for Callida!

It was the biggest inconvenience, disruption, annoyance, and challenge of my life.

So why even go through all of that, you might ask?

Because beyond the struggle, it was the biggest pleasure to do for my daughter! I love my career and my family. I had the ability and desire to produce breast milk so I did it. And I’m happy I did.

To all moms who are just trying to feed your baby, keep it up. It is not as simple as it seems, is it? Own  your decisions. Be proud. You are doing a great job.