Sunny Office Space

Within the past couple of months, we’ve done some rearranging of rooms in the house. Mainly due to our impending family expansion (baby on the way!), but also because, like with any project, one thing leads to another. Our home office is now in our sun room, which was previously underutilized. The guest room was moved into the old office and the nursery is now in the old guest room! The home office transformation was the most significant (and challenging) renovation.

The project started because the sun room did not even have electricity hooked up to it, so in hopes of actually using the space, Ben and his dad installed properly functioning outlets. Unfortunately, the previous electrical work had been done so haphazardly, our walls were left beyond repair.

Sun room before

Sun roomThat’s when we decided it was time for a whole new sun room, from top to bottom! We thought that the 8′ x 12′ room would be the perfect amount of space for our office. (Plus, it is not a very effective sun room – it faces west.) At 6 months pregnant, most doctors recommend against amateur construction work which left Ben doing most of the work on his own on nights and weekends, starting with installing the beadboard. Bless!

Beadboard installationWe did call in support and my dad came over to help a few of the nights.

Dad and Ben installing beadboard

After the beadboard was installed, Ben started on the floor. Since the room does not have heat or air conditioning, he laid down a heated floor system before tiling. Hopefully this will keep the space comfortable during the winter months.

Heated Floor

When putting floor on top of a heating element, it is important to be careful not to nick any of the wiring, or the whole heated floor idea will be a loss.


Next, it was time to paint! There is no one I know who feigns enjoyment by painting more than my dad. Or maybe he actually likes painting.

Dad Painting

The last step before moving the furniture in was to grout the tile. There comes a point in every project when you have to ask yourself “how much is my time worth?”. As we were nearing the very end of this renovation and approaching our deadline (my friends were going to be hosting my baby shower at the house), the answer was “a lot”, so we hired grouters to come in one random weekday and they finished the job in less than 2 hours!

GroutWe had extra material in the basement to use for our chair rail and other finishing touches. Finally, move-in day!

Home Office

Below are before and after shots. The before shot (sorry it is blurry!) was taken when we first bought our house.

Before After

I’ve been working remotely full time for over a year now and Ben works from home occasionally, so having a home office that is separate from my regular living space is important. Like many of us, my job requires me to be at a computer the majority of the day (which probably explains my lack of personal blogging after hours!). As much as I love my job on its own, the space in which I spend 40+ hours a week needs to be inspiring and motivating as well.