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Petite Celebrations

June has been an explosion of celebrations! My parents’ retirement and 39th wedding anniversary. Several birthdays (including my nephew’s 1st). Father’s Day. A sorority sister’s due-date. My cousin-in-law’s wedding. Did I miss anything? Today I had the pleasure of celebrating one of those birthdays during my lunch hour. The birthday girl and I made our way across town to the very charming (and unbelievably delicious) Quality Grocery for fried chicken sandwiches. Afterward, we naturally swung by Krispy Kreme for chocolate iced doughnuts. There are few people who share my unabashed affinity for overindulgence so I couldn’t have asked for a better Friday. This past week or so was laced with other junior jubilees like FaceTiming and family dinners. It really is all about the little things in life!

Oakwood Quality Grocery

Curious About…

Asheville Architecture

Last weekend, I went on my debut trip to downtown Asheville with Ben and another couple. I had been to the Biltmore Estate (an architectural mecca in its own right), but had never strolled the downtown area just for the fun of it. After a morning spent enjoying the great outdoors at Linville Falls (and indoors at Linville Caverns), we took to the streets. Though one of my travel companions raved about Asheville’s architecture, I really had no idea what I was getting into. Downtown Asheville is a cornucopia of Art Deco embellishments, a Beaux-Arts style basilica, Gothic gargoyles, and a splash of Modernist. I was in awe at the stylistic detail and diversity. Just as I do in my own home city, I had my iPhone camera out and ready for brick-and-mortar photo opps. All I know about Asheville’s history is that I need to know more!

Downtown Asheville


Historical Sketches of North Carolina, From 1584 to 1851 by John H. Wheeler, Late Treasurer of the State

It was during our post-brunch saunter when I wandered into Battery Park Book Exchange & Champagne Bar while visiting Asheville. My intent was purely to window-shop the Grove Arcade and only spend a few minutes here and there. As soon as I entered this shop, I was immediately captivated between the sound of the fizzing champagne and scent of leather chesterfield chairs. Can I also mention the freshly cut lilies in the bathroom, dog-themed decor, throw beads strung across the moose head trophy, and vintage books lining each shelf? A serendipitous moment of déjà vu made me realize that a friend of mine had actually texted me about this place at some point in recent memory. After sufficiently getting lost at least half a dozen times, I finally found Ben and he enticed me to check out the books behind the locked glass case. I asked the shop lady for access and we were met with a book published in 1851 about North Carolina’s history. Y’all know how much I love uncovering North Carolina’s history and this book is a true gem!

History of North Carolina, 1851