It’s Lemonade, It’s Lemonade, It’s April!

This weekend was the perfect Raleigh weekend. Well, almost perfect. It would be perfect if we could hire our own landscapers.

Between ripping out English Ivy and collecting random bricks found in the backyard, we enjoyed Raleigh’s World Beer Festival in Moore Square! Beer Fest is pretty much our favorite day of the year. Although I look forward to enjoying more than my fair share of adult beverages during this annual shindig, I can’t help but relish in the virtuous reasons we all really love April, no matter our age. One of my favorite grade school assignments as a kid was memorizing a poem in 4th grade. It gives me chills every time I read it!

by Marcia Masters (c. 1944)

It’s lemonade, it’s lemonade, it’s daisy.
It’s a roller-skating, scissor-grinding day;
It’s gingham-waisted, chocolate flavored, lazy,
With the children flower-scattered at their play.

It’s the sun like watermelon,
And the sidewalks overlaid
With a glaze of yellow yellow
Like a jar of marmalade.

It’s the mower gently mowing,
And the stars like startled glass,
While the mower keeps on going
Through a waterfall of grass.

Then the rich magenta evening
Like a sauce upon the walk,
And the porches softly swinging
With a hammockful of talk.

It’s the hobo at the corner
With his lilac-sniffing gait,
And the shy departing thunder
Of the last departing skate.

It’s lemonade, it’s lemonade, it’s April!
A water sprinkler, puddle winking time,
When a boy who peddles slowly, with a smile remote and holy,
Sells you April chocolate flavored for a dime.

This poem perfectly describes springtime in Raleigh! Especially my backyard. There’s definitely a marmalade-like yellow substance coating my deck furniture, if ya know what I mean. But I’ll take it if it means I can awe at these beautiful blooms….

Front Yard

Not really sure what this is! So if you know what it is, please let me know in the comments 🙂


I do know Azaleas when I see them!

Now – it’s not all sunshine and daisies (and azaleas and unknown blooms). After tearing up the yard to install new drains, we’ve let the yard become overgrown.

I’m hoping these are before photos! Before we work our green-thumb magic of course!

View from deckHere’s the view from standing on our rickety deck. It desperately needs to be put out of its misery, but I’ll take what I can get. You’re looking at a pile of debris that was assembled from random discoveries throughout our yard on the left and the very beginning of what we hope to be a lush green lawn between our driveways.

Back of houseNow you’re looking at the rickety deck. It’s hangin’ in there! I realize we need to mow our lawn. First steps first – we need to actually purchase a lawn mower!

photo (16)Think we can grow grass in our front yard? I hope to see something a bit more colorful than bland pine straw in the coming months.

Front yardAt least we inherited some early spring blooms!

There ya have it! Our very own little plot of Raleigh that we hope will one day add to the beautification of our dear City of Oaks!