Spring Bucket List

The top item on my bucket list is to write a bucket list.

What do you think of when you hear the term “bucket list”?  Is it “London, Paris, Thailand, Skydive, Swim with Sharks, Adopt 12 Pit Bulls, Eat Steak Tartare on top of the Empire State Building, Explore the Titanic, Go to Mars with Justin Timberlake”?  That is what I thought at first until I had a reality check.  All of these activities sound amazing.  And I do intend to complete them before my 100th birthday (well I might just adopt 9 pit bulls, by the time I have a big enough house to keep them, there will be a new “aggressive” breed humans will attack and I will want to adopt a few of those, too!).

But you see, there is a balance between living like there’s no tomorrow and understanding that it’s a long life.  I find so much enjoyment in the little things of life.  Sure, I can have an extravagant list of things I need to do before I die.  There are also lots of things I want to do before summertime begins!  Things I know I’ll enjoy doing and I know I’ll actually do.  I want to be able to remember to do them, even if it is as simple as get a table on the sidewalk at The Raleigh Times (Isn’t the Times so cool it’s not cool anymore? Let me know when that happens.), which as it turns out, is not so simple.

It is already 2 weeks into spring.  I still have many recipes to try, places to go, and entertaining to do.